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Mentoring Monday

Our Mentoring Monday events are a catalyst for meaningful introductions and engaging conversations between women from all walks of life.  We aim to create inspiring networking experiences for women to learn, grow and connect.  Advance Local activates Mentoring Monday events in New Jersey, Michigan, Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania.

In 2022, we expanded the program with the Michigan Women's Summit held in Lansing. Mentoring Monday started the day off and brought us a morning of inspiration, substance, and success. 

The second part of the event was the first ever Women Who Shape the State awards luncheon. The awards ceremony honored 13 Michigan women who have gone above and beyond to make their communities a better place for all.

Mentoring Monday: Work
Mentoring Monday: Pro Gallery

What Our Attendees Have to Say About Mentoring Monday

Mentoring Monday: Testimonials

Just wanted to let you know that the Mentoring Monday event was a great success!  I got to meet some incredible women, who provided amazing advice that I will use as I continue my professional journey!...The take-aways were more than I could have imagined!


Thank you!  It was great meeting so many promising young ladies and interesting professional women.  We would love to continue to be involved and assist in any way we can.


For the 2nd year, I had the privilege to attend PA Media Group’s Mentoring Monday.  I truly loved the setup, and gained valuable insight from successful women in business who have fruit on the tree in a variety of business areas.


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